Generate and Download Unique Music Content

Audiently generates original music content to download and use in your creative process. Everything it generates is royalty free and built from our ever growing library of samples. Edit and download the loops it creates, alongside the associated midi file and samples.

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Our Early Access program is currently open. You can help shape our sound and the future of the product! We’re inviting you into our creative process so we know we’re building something that will ultimately become part of yours.

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We intend to build a committed community around this product, including creators, experimenters and inspirational music makers at all levels. We’d love that to start here, with you.

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Creative Freedom in your Pocket

We’ve built Audiently to run on mobile, desktop and tablet so you can generate loops on the move and download them when you’re ready. Take your creative process out of the studio and build fresh beats wherever you feel a spark.

Generate & Download Original Loops, Fast

We get the frustration of creative blocks. Audiently supports experimentation with high speed sound generation that keeps you in flow. Our algorithm produces unexpected and surprising combinations of sound. Find the sounds that match your personality.

Inspiration on the Move

Never settle for mediocre sounds again. Explore, play and experiment with our app to find your own unique sound. We believe anyone can create great music. With access to the sounds that inspire you, you’re free to find your genius anytime, anywhere.