I built Audiently to solve a problem I had. In fact, in truth, it’s solving a few.

I built Audiently to solve a problem I had. In fact, in truth, it’s solving a few.

As a child I had a passion for sound and always found ways to create music. But as an adult in a demanding career I stopped finding the energy to be creative. Whenever I carved out time to write music, I was depleted and had writers block. I found myself judging everything I wrote harshly, because the time I gave myself to write was so short. I could have been doing so many other things to keep my life on track. I had no practice to ensure my creative fires were always burning. I didn’t take time to experiment. I didn’t purposefully do things which inspired me. I built up layers of pain and judgement over my musical ability and unsurprisingly stopped writing.

When I had the idea for Audiently I was working as a software developer for a global corporation. Good people, interesting challenges, but I was missing the passion. As I started building the app in my spare time, I noticed a spark in myself. Any time I started doubting myself, I would use it to generate some loops and it would inspire me to keep going. It’s taken a long time to get it to where it is, whilst working on and off to fund it. I experienced health issues along the way which meant I had to stop all work and take 8 months out to recover. I thought I’d have to give it up, it felt bad. But on recovery I discovered even more passion than before. Even more drive to see it through. I built habits to take care of myself, I built relationships which support my creativity and I’ve always got something scheduled which inspires me. All of which have allowed me to get to this point, of a working prototype and ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign. And I’m writing music regularly again.

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