Here at Audiently we believe in creative freedom, experimentation and inspiration. We’re excited about our growing community of music enthusiasts with a passion for unique sound. We create quality, original loops using our algorithm and our well loved analogue hardware and synthesizers. If you’re into that too, we’d love you to join us to help grow and test our ideas. We’re passionate about what we do, we’re here to make music you love too.

We’re here to support you in expressing your individuality with streamlined creativity. Our algorithm produces unexpected and surprising combinations of sound, unlike anything you’ve heard before. Let’s take your tracks in new and interesting directions. Find the sounds that match your personality, quickly and effortlessly.

We get the frustration of creative blocks. Tap into the real joy and discovery of your creative process with high speed sound generation that keeps you in flow. Audiently is all about staying focused on producing fresh beats, with original loops generated in seconds.

We’re all about connection. Between you and your creativity, your listeners, your joy, our collective inspiration. This is the new wave of community-driven sound innovation. Never before heard sounds. Innovative combinations. Distinctive and personality-driven expression, in the studio and on the dance floor.

We’re here to develop your sound alongside you. Tell us what you like. Share what you’ve made and we’ll tweet it out. This is a new kind of experimentation.

Sounds that make you stop.
Sounds that surprise.
Sounds that move you in a different way.

Join the Audiently community today.
Let’s make some noise.

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